Grasevina Premium 2014 Ilocki Podrumi

Grasevina Premium 2014 Ilocki Podrumi image


Region: Slavonia, Eastern Croatia

Producer: Ilocki Podrumi

Grape: Grasevina

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: £12.90

Stockist: Croatian Fine Wines

Grasevina is Croatia's most popular white grape.  The best come from the far eastern corner of Slavonia, east of Zagreb, close to the Hungarian and Serbian borders near the Danube valley, where the grape is believed to have originated.  Grasevina is also known elsewhere in the world as Welshriesling, basically a less aromatic version of Riesling.  

Ilocki Podrumi are based in old C15 cellars in the town of Ilok in Srijern wine growing region in the Danube basin.  

Their Grasevina Premium is more like an unoaked Chardonnay than a Riesling - with its citric fruits, silky broad palate, balacing acidity and creamy nutty intensity - if you normally drink Macon - try this.  The 2013 vintage proved very popular with our tasters at our recent Danube tasting.